Design, Synthesis and Manufacture of Carbohydrate-Based Molecules

Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. (Ottawa, Canada) has been diligently serving the research & development community for over 25 years and is the leading specialist in the design and synthesis of carbohydrate-based molecules for the advancement of human health. Our product portfolio and contract R&D services enable application of glycans, carbohydrate ligands including GalNAc, glycoamino acids, glycopeptides and glycoconjugates in glycobiology, drug discovery, delivery and targeting as well as in vaccine, protein and antibody development.

We are highly equipped and well versed in carbohydrate synthesis. We offer a portfolio of diverse carbohydrate-based products and are highly active in custom synthesis, contract research & development and manufacture of oligosaccharides, glycans, glycosaminoglycans, glycoamino acids, glycopeptides, biotinylated glycans, carbohydrate ligands with functionalized linkers/spacers and a wide variety of synthetic building blocks.

We are passionate and engaged scientists who truly care about each client’s needs, our relationships with our clients and the quality of our customer service.

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Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. was founded in 1996 as a spin-off of the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). CEO & founder, Dr. Brady Clark, set out to form a different kind of specialized life sciences company – one that would be in touch with its client base, that would understand their needs and would be trusted as a collaborator that could help make ideas come to realization when it came to carbohydrate-based research products and services.

“I’m passionate about science and that extends to developing and providing innovative carbohydrate-based products and services that researchers actually need and can trust to perform as expected in their research efforts. Sussex Research enables our collaborators to make discoveries that will truly benefit us all and that’s exciting!”

Dr. Clark infused the company and its staff chemists with the same passion and high standards of scientific rigour that were demanded of him while he was a researcher at the NRC. From product development to the quality of service to its customers, Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. takes no shortcuts. Our scientists have been consistently providing fellow scientists around the globe with best-in-class, technologically innovative carbohydrate-based products and R&D services for many years.


A spin-off of the National Research Council (NRC) of Canada

Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. has been a trusted provider of high quality carbohydrate-based synthetic molecules and carbohydrate-focused drug & vaccine development contract services since 1996. A spin-off of the National Research Council (NRC) Canada, the company is housed at NRC’s Industry Partnership Facility within it’s flagship facility in the nation’s capital. The NRC facility has traditionally provided an excellent infrastructure for organic synthetic chemistry, particularly synthetic carbohydrate chemistry and has a long history of carbohydrate-based research and development.