Glycoamino Acids

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About Glycoamino Acids

Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. has provided researchers with the most extensive selection of commercially available, high purity glycosylated amino acids (glycoamino acids) for over 20 years.

In nature, protein glycosylation, forming glycoproteins or glycopeptides, is a fundamental posttranslational modification process that controls protein shape, half-life and essential biological pathways ranging from protein trafficking to cell adhesion. Glycoamino acids are the basic sites of protein glycosylation, most commonly occurring at serine and threonine in the case of O-linked proteins, and at asparagine (Asn) in the case of N-linked glycoproteins. To a lesser extent, glycosylation may also occur at other amino acids but this is far less common.

Fmoc Glycoamino Acids: Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. provides an advanced glycopeptide custom synthesis service, but for researchers who have the knowledge and capability to produce their own glycopeptides, our high purity Fmoc glycoamino acid building blocks enable facile assembly of glycocpeptides as well as introduction of carbohydrate-based recognition elements into virtually any synthetic molecule including small molecules and biomolecules such as oligonucleotides and proteins.

Fmoc glycoamino acid building blocks are anomerically pure, equipped with protected sugars and contain free acids that are ready for solution phase or automated solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS). All Fmoc glycoamino acids are available in a variety of quantities. We also provide bulk quantities for use in large scale GMP manufacturing of glycopeptides for clinical use. Modified or customized glycoamino acids, including partially protected or fully deprotected glycoamino acids may be manufactured upon request.

Non-blocked, natural glycoamino acids are also available for analytical or biological applications.

View our glycoamino acid listing below. If you’re unable to find what you’re looking for, please request for a custom synthesis.

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