Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. acquires Chemaphor Chemical Services from Avivagen

Date published: October 13, 2017

Sussex Research Laboratories Inc., the leading specialist in the synthesis of carbohydrate and stable isotope-labeled molecules, is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Chemaphor Chemical Services (“Chemaphor”) and its product portfolio from Avivagen Inc. The acquisition strengthens the company’s capabilities and product offering of high-purity stable isotope-labeled products, particularly Vitamin D and E, for use in biological research, drug discovery, medical diagnostic, food and dairy testing and other laboratory applications.

Dr. Brady Clark, Founder & CEO of Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. comments: “Chemaphor has been providing very high purity stable isotope-labeled products and custom synthesis services relating to vitamins for nearly two decades. The acquisition of Chemaphor, its products and its chemists is an important step in further enhancing the global leadership of Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. in the demanding fields of carbohydrate and stable isotope-labeling of bioorganic molecules and small molecule API. This strengthens our position in international R&D markets and also provides immediate access to additional production capacity for our growing product/project portfolios.”

Dr. Graham Burton, cofounder and Chief Scientific Officer at Avivagen Inc., continues: “Keith Ingold and I pioneered use of stable isotope-labeled vitamin E in research dating back several decades. Chemaphor has been an important part of Avivagen’s growth. Nevertheless, Avivagen is now fully committed to commercializing our animal health supplement products. I’m very pleased that Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. can provide its full attention to these high quality labelled products. This is a great opportunity for the former Chemaphor staff to join the international leader in carbohydrate synthesis and stable isotope-labeling, where there will be ample opportunity to expand the product portfolio, expand contract research and development while also gaining access to a wider marketing effort.”

About Avivagen

Avivagen is developing and commercializing products for livestock feeds to replace antibiotics for growth promotion and to help prevent disease by supporting the animal’s own health defences. The Corporation’s unique, proprietary technology is known as OxC-beta™ (fully-oxidized beta-carotene) technology.

About Sussex Research Laboratories Inc.

Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. is a contract research organization and leading specialist in the design, synthesis and characterization of carbohydrate-based systems and stable isotope-labeled molecules. We excel at synthesis of molecules that incorporate elements of carbohydrates, glycans and polysaccharides. Our product portfolio and contract synthesis services enable our clients and partners to explore and exploit glycosylation or stable isotope-labeling for drug discovery, drug delivery, carbohydrate-based vaccine development, therapeutic enhancement and bio-analytical assay development.


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