Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. announces successful Clinical Trial Results for GlycolastinTM its Novel Anti-Aging Glycopeptide Cosmetic Active

Date published: August 17, 2015

Sussex Research Laboratories Inc., the leading specialist in carbohydrate synthesis, glycosylation and glycodesign, is pleased to announce that its clinical trial for GlycolastinTM, an anti-aging glycopeptide cosmetic active, has successfully concluded. The in vivo study involved 26 healthy female volunteers between 37-67 years of age. The study was a monocentric open-label trial carried out by Evalulab Inc. of Montreal, Canada.

Dermal irritation patch (48hrs) and HRIPT tests revealed that the active may be considered a non-irritant and hypo-allergenic. The formulated Glycolastin™ test product was also very well tolerated over the 42D study period. According to the results reported in this study, Glycolastin™ may be considered as an effective and novel anti-aging ingredient demonstrating significant improvement in skin firmness, hydration and profilometry results (reduction of fine lines, moderate and deep wrinkles). A few results are summarized below:

Fine Lines (Class 1) – significant reduction of 24% (p<0.01) in the number of wrinkles at 42 days with maximal reduction up to 74%

Medium Wrinkles (Class 2) – significant reduction of 16% (p<0.01) at 42 days with effectiveness up to 76%

Deep Wrinkles (Class 3) – significant decrease by 27% (p<0.01) at 42 days with maximal observed improvement of 86%

Dr. Brady Clark, Founder & CEO of Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. comments: “We are very excited that our scientific studies translated to this excellent result in the clinic. It was the dramatic observations made during in vitro and ex vivo studies that prompted us to patent the glycopeptide technology and undertake the clinical trial. As a company that has worked with numerous partners on glycosylation of peptides and other biological molecules, we have known for many years that glycosylation can markedly improve the effectiveness of peptides and other biological molecules. It’s very gratifying to show that glycosylation can be very useful for cosmetic actives as well.”

Plans are underway to commercialize GlycolastinTM as a cosmetic active in topical anti-aging products.

About Glycolastin™

Glycolastin™has been developed by Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. to exploit the field of glycobiology in order to advance a new and state-of-the-art anti-aging technology. In vitro studies have shown that Glycolastin™ is significantly more efficient at stimulating structural protein synthesis in skin cells than the non-glycosylated peptide active, a well-known peptide active in the cosmetics field. Increased secretion of structural proteins elastin, fibronectin and collagens by fibroblasts was observed in vitro for glycosylated peptides compared to the non-glycosylated reference peptide. The in vitro effect on elastin secretion has also been confirmed independently in a 3D ex vivo skin model. Patents have been filled in numerous jurisdictions.

About Sussex Research Laboratories Inc.:

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