Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. appoints Wako Chemical Industries as a distributor for its carbohydrate-based products & services in Japan

Date published: May 25, 2010

Ottawa, Canada, May 25, 2010 – Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. has appointed Wako Pure Chemical Industries (Osaka, Japan) as a non-exclusive distributor of Sussex’s complete line of carbohydrate-based reagents (glycoreagents) in Japan. Sussex Research develops and manufactures sophisticated carbohydrate-based molecules for advanced academic research as well as for research & development in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Under the new distribution agreement, Sussex glycoreagents are to be marketed under the Sussex Research label and sold, in research quantities, via Wako’s catalogue, sub-distributors and dealer network throughout Japan.

According to Brady Clark, Ph.D., President of Sussex Research, “We are very pleased to be working with Wako, which is renowned for its high purity chemical reagents. We perceive Wako as the leader in Japan for the provision of premium quality research reagents. Scientists in Japan are highly recognized for contributions in glycoscience. This collaboration will extend our ability to make these important glycoreagents including glycoamino acids, glycopeptides, oligosaccharides, PEGylated Glycosides and other unique carbohydrate-based molecules and glycoconjugates available to researchers in Japan.”

About Sussex Research: Sussex Research is a well known specialist in carbohydrate synthesis with an established international reputation. As a carbohydrate-enabling company, Sussex Research excels in the design, synthesis and characterization of carbohydrate-based molecules. The company’s unique product portfolio and custom synthesis service enables researchers across a variety of scientific disciplines to readily explore and exploit carbohydrates and carbohydrate modified molecules such as glycoamino acids, glycopeptides, oligosaccharides, special carbohydrate linker/spacer systems and other glycoconjugates in numerous and diverse applications.