Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. Appoints Dr. Corwin Nycholat to Advisory Board

Date published: February 3, 2023

Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. (Sussex Research), a global leader in carbohydrate synthesis and the translation of complex carbohydrate chemistries into unique, leading-edge products that enable researchers to explore and exploit glycomics applications that promote human health., is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Corwin Nycholat to its Scientific Advisory Board.

“I am delighted to welcome such an accomplished individual to our Board,” said Dr. Brady Clark, President and CEO of Sussex Research. “As the glycomics field advances, and Sussex Research enters a new phase of its strategic growth, it’s vital to have scientists with strong track-records and expertise in the field. I’m pleased to welcome Corwin Nycholat as a Board member, and I am excited to work with Corwin for the years to come.”

Dr. Corwin Nycholat is a veteran carbohydrate synthetic chemist with over 20 years of experience in developing chemical and enzymatic synthetic processes for complex glycans used in biomedical applications for drug delivery, targeting and vaccine development. Dr. Nycholat’s interests have generally been focused on applications in the fields of glycobiology and glycomics, the study of sugars on a molecular level. He served as a Senior Staff Scientist at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) working in the laboratory of Professor James C. Paulson. He has extensive research experience in the synthesis, discovery and development of high affinity ligands for targeting lectins including siglecs, galectins and viral hemagglutinins. For 7 years while at TSRI, Dr. Nycholat served as Core Director of the Carbohydrate Synthesis Core under the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute funded Lung Inflammatory Disease Program of Excellence in Glycosciences.

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Sussex Research is a global leader in Carbohydrate Synthesis. We excel at translating complex carbohydrate chemistries into unique, leading-edge products that enable researchers to explore and exploit glycobiology in applications that promote human health. Our product portfolio and contract research & development services enable our clients and partners to apply discoveries in glycomics for drug development & discovery, drug delivery & targeting, vaccine development and monoclonal antibody development. Experience glyco-enhancement of your small molecule, protein, oligonucleotide or other macromolecule through Sussex Research. We are the GalNAc, Glycan, Ligand, Glycopeptide and Glycoconjugate Specialists.


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