Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. to Exhibit at The American Peptide Symposium 2022 – “Peptide Science at the Summit”

Date published: April 26, 2022

Great news! Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. will be exhibiting at The American Peptide Symposium (American Peptide Society) in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada! The symposium theme in 2022 is "Peptide Science at the Summit".
Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. is the global leader in the field of glycopeptide synthesis and is the leading commercial source of synthetic, well-defined and characterized glycosylated peptides. We have been expanding our synthetic capabilities in the production of N- and O-linked glycopeptides for close to 20 years!
Come chat with us at booth 29 from June 11-16, 2022.

About Sussex Research Laboratories Inc.: Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. is a global leader in the design and synthesis of complex carbohydrates and stable isotope-labeled molecules that enable access to systems for the advancement of modern drug discovery and development. Through design, synthesis and characterization of molecules that incorporate glycotechnology, the company’s unique synthesis capabilities and product portfolio of glycans, glycosylated ligands, glycoamino acids, glycopeptides, glycolipids and glycoconjugates enable researchers across a variety of scientific disciplines to readily explore and exploit glycobiology in order to enhance the therapeutic potential of peptides, proteins, antibodies, lipids and oligonucleotides. For more information visit