Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. / Queen’s University collaboration receives Collaborative Research and Development Grant (CRDPJ) to develop synthetic strategies toward Deuterium-labeled pharmaceutical compounds with improved efficacy.

Date published: August 22, 2018

Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. (Ottawa, Canada) today announced that NSERC has approved the CRDPJ grant application submitted by Professor Victor Snieckus of the Department of Chemistry at Queen’s University (Kingston, Canada).

The project is expected to combine Sussex Research Laboratories Inc.'s expertise in the synthesis of stable isotope-labeled pharmaceutical active ingredients (API) with that of the Snieckus team’s world class capabilities in organic synthetic chemistry. The project is expected to result in new classes of stable isotope-labeled products for use in the field of drug discovery and development. Deuterium-labeled pharmaceutical compounds possess unique properties that have led to their increasing popularity in a wide range of therapeutic applications in addition to their traditional use in pharmacokinetics studies.

According to Dr. Brady Clark, President & CEO of Sussex Research Laboratories Inc., “As industrial partner on the project, Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. is very pleased to support Professor Snieckus and his research team. Our past collaborations through programmes including Engage have been very successful. The Snieckus group has developed methodologies for the synthesis of a variety of new deuterated drug molecules and significantly enriched our understanding of the challenges faced during the synthesis of stable isotope-labeled API while greatly improving Sussex Research Laboratories Inc.’s capabilities in stable isotope labeling. We feel very privileged to work with Professor Snieckus.”

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