Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. takes occupancy in new NRC Industry Partnership Facility

Date published: April 1, 2003

Ottawa, Canada, April 2003 – Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. (Sussex) announced that it is one of six technology-based companies to take occupancy in the new National Research Council (NRC) of Canada’s Industry Partnership Facility (IPF) located at NRC’s flagship site in Ottawa. The IPF exists to foster and assist companies commercializing NRC technologies or expertise, thereby providing economic gain to Canada, particularly to the National Capital Region. The incubating companies also occupy other offices and laboratories throughout the site. The site is also home to the NRC Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences (NRC-SIMS), the NRC Institute for Biological Sciences (NRC-IBS), the Canadian Space Agency and some NRC executive offices.

NRC is establishing a network of Industry Partnership Facilities (IPFs) at its research institutes across the country to accelerate innovation, commercialization and to foster the growth of technology clusters all across Canada. By locating at an NRC-IPF, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) gain access to world-class research facilities and expertise, national and international networks, as well as business intelligence and knowledge dissemination resources.

ABOUT SUSSEX RESEARCH: Sussex Research is a carbohydrate enabling company whose innovative syntheses allow our pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners to exploit the unique properties associated with carbohydrate-based molecules for a number of biomedical applications including glycotherapeutic and glycoconjugate vaccine development, therapeutic enhancement, glycopeptide synthesis and drug delivery. For additional information on Sussex Research please visit our website at