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α-Galactosyllactosamine Ligand: Galα(1-3)LacNAc-PEG3-Azide


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α-Galactosyllactosamine Ligand: Galα(1-3)LacNAc-PEG3-Azide

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Other Names α-Gal-LacNAc-PEG3-N3, Galα(1-3)Galβ(1-4)GlcNAc-PEG3-N3, α-Gal-(1,3)-β-Gal-(1,4)-β-GlcNAc-PEG3-Azide, Alpha-1,3-Gal epitope
Formula C26H46N4O18
Molecular Weight 702.66
Purity >95% (HPLC)
Description The α-Gal epitope (Galα1-3Galβ1-4GlcNAc-R) is abundantly expressed on proteins of non-primate mammals, prosimians and New World monkeys but is not expressed on proteins of Old World monkeys, apes and humans which produce natural anti-Gal antibodies that specifically bind the α-epitope.
Keywords alpha-Galactosyllactosamine Ligand: Galalpha(1-3)LacNAc-PEG3-Azide, Gal, PEG3, Azide, Galactose, LacNAc, Lactosamine, alpha-Gal-LacNAc-PEG3-N3, Galalpha(1-3)Galbeta(1-4)GlcNAc-PEG3-N3, alpha-Gal-(1,3)-beta-Gal-(1,4)-beta-GlcNAc-PEG3-Azide, Alpha-1,3-Gal epitope, C26H46N4O18
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