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where S* = Ser* = GalNAcα-O-Ser, T* = Thr* = GalNAcα-O-Thr
Other Names Mucin1, Synthetic MUC-1 (tri-Tn) glycopeptide
UniProt ID P15941
Formula C119H188N32O47
Molecular Weight 2818.95
Purity >90% (HPLC)
Description MUC1 (UniProt ID P15941) synthetic glycopeptide fragment (Pro126-Gly149; UniProt position 126-149, aa length 24) from the tandem repeat (TR) region of the MUC1 protein. Tumour-associated carbohydrate antigen (TACA). Tn-antigen, O-glycosylation (α-GalNAc) at Ser130, Thr131 and Thr144. The C-terminus is carboxylic acid.
Keywords MUC1(126-149)-Tn(130,131,144), N-Acetyl-D-Galactosamine, O-Linked, Tri-Glycosylated, L-Threonine, L-Serine, C-Terminus-Acid, Tn-Glycopeptide, Formerly GP133000, Mucin1, Synthetic MUC-1 (tri-Tn) glycopeptide, C119H188N32O47, tumor-associated carbohydrate antigen (TACA)
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