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Sequence VHLTC-NH2;
UniProt ID P68871
Formula C24H42N8O6S
Molecular Weight 570.71
Purity >90% (HPLC)
Description Synthetic N-terminal peptide fragment Val2-Thr5 (without methionine (Met) initiator) of Hemoglobin subunit beta (HBB). See UniProt ID P68871. A non-native C-terminal Cysteine (Cys) has been added for further conjugation providing the sequence with a total of 5 amino acids. The C-terminus is amide.
Keywords HBB(2-5-Cys)-ng, Non-glycosylatedpeptide, C-Terminus-Amide, Haemoglobin subunit beta, HBB(Fructosyl) peptide, C24H42N8O6S
Shipping Requirement Dry Ice
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