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Sequence VGVT*ETP-NH2;
where T* = Thr* = GalNAcα-O-Thr
Other Names Interferon alpha IFNα2b(Tn) glycopeptide
UniProt ID Q6QNB6
Formula C44H71N9O19
Molecular Weight 903.97
Purity >90% (HPLC)
Description Synthetic glycopeptide fragment of Interferon alpha 2b, IFNα2b, marketed for therapeutic use as Intron-A®. The peptide sequence VGVTETP corresponds to positions 103-109 of the mature IFNα2b protein with α-GalNAc glycosylation (Tn Antigen) ocurring at Thr105. The C-terminus is an amide.
Keywords IFNalpha2b(102-108)-Tn(105), N-Acetyl-D-Galactosamine, O-Linked, Mono-Glycosylated, L-Threonine, C-Terminus-Amide, Tn-Glycopeptide, Formerly GP131010, Interferon alpha IFNalpha2b(Tn) glycopeptide, C44H71N9O19
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